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5 Mistakes You Fail to Sell Property Through the "Listing"!

5 Mistakes You Fail to Sell Property Through the "Listing"!
Later, the emergence of millions of new property listings online and have been a challenge for the real estate agent, especially if linked to their performance in order to stand out compared to its competitors. Can not any longer appear to attract potential buyers.

An agent can quickly attract the attention of prospective purchasers or tenants by way of identifying errors in the process of advertising products. They need to better identify and determine the sale value of the property, as well as a clear idea of ​​the characteristics of what type of property such as a quick sale to consumers.

Not hard to do these stages. According Lamudi Indonesia, there are at least 5 most common mistakes made ​​by real estate agents, consider the following before you market your property listing and sales:

1 No or minimal photo

Online property marketing should be visually appealing, while many real estate agents who forgot or did not even include photos of the properties in its listings. This is definitely an interesting way that is not selling. For that, make sure you include at least five different room photo of the property you want to sell high-resolution images to be seen clearly and comfortably.

Lists the images / photos are dim or less opaque lighting and even makes absolutely no prospective buyers are interested to know more about the property.

2 bad grammar

Language plays an important role in the attempted sale of real estate of your product. To that end, be sure to always check spelling and sentence structure of promotion you wish to use before entering your property listings.

Describe the property with an eye-catching phrase. Typically, property listings with an appropriate title would easily attract the attention of more potential buyers. However, avoid the use of words such as, "quick sale," or the like. It is only potentially raises questions for prospective buyers, "Why do you want to sell property fast?".

3 Description of the environment around the property

Do not take this the trivial. Because the property buyers also want to know about the state or condition of real property to be sold. By including facilities available around the property, attention could be achieved would be much more.

Also highlight the advantages of the area, such as the low level of crime is happening or about the population of friendly, dynamic, and diverse. Simply put, be sure to include all environmental assets in the description of the property you want to sell.

4 There was no sign of repair / renovation

House with energy-saving concept that has been renovated or have the possibility of selling faster. Unfortunately, many real estate agents forget or even underestimated this aspect that is sometimes missed to write it in the description.

Yes, you do not hesitate to show the advantages that could make buyers mevisualisasikan in their heads. For example, a house rich with sunlight in the morning or home with the free system of flood prevention or flood.

5.Tak no advantage over

This point is also often escape the attention of real estate agents. If the home has a security system or have household appliances are already insured, and such matters described in the description, it would be very make this property look more attractive. Do not forget, mention all the advantages that the buyers can get to buy the house and do not turn on your competitor's property.

Congratulations to do business!

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