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Designing a house with Polycarbonate Transparent

Designing a house with Polycarbonate Transparent

Appears as a transparent polycarbonate panel frame house that was renovated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The architect is none other than the Alessandro Armando and Manfredo in Robilant which also features a giant window on wheels.

The involvement of the Italian architect duo partner thanks to a university professor who wants to improve the look and efficiency of heat their homes in the 19th century residential neighborhood near downtown.

"The main task in this renovation was to create a new thing, 'clothes second' home to a significant improvement of the thermal insulation. Structure and proportions of the original 19th century building that still remains. However, the plastic sheeting that covered him have been replaced by aluminum and coupled with isthmus in 1970 this project finally called Home Polycarbonate.

From the aspect of benefits, polycarbonate panels were chosen because they tend to be mild and is crucial for thin structures, as well as a good heat insulator. Polycarbonate will provide in terms of aesthetic beauty.

Polycarbonate material is semi-transparent, so they will make the entire look of the house as well as the structure of the house itself.

Polycarbonate surface creating a reflection of the visual standpoint and also change-change according to light conditions. Behind the thin surface there is an additional layer in the panel that appears useful when structural damage. In this case, the air is able to flow through the distance between the two surfaces to reduce reliance on air conditioning when summer arrives.

One corner of the house facing directly onto the street is equipped with a high window hidden behind the aluminum window. The window includes a grid that obstruct the view into the home while allowing light to enter the interior reach.

An entrance at the side of the house opens into a large atrium. On the back of the atrium there is a mezzanine that provides a view through the upper house.

The ground floor has a living room containing office and there is also a large bookcase that blends with the walls of the house. Other parts of the house, the stairs, the window frame, and the railing is made from mahogany, a wood species that provide a warm contrast to the exterior plastics and aluminum industries.

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