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simetris design interior

simetris design interior

simetris design interior

Apparently, all Starting from Symmetry
We all can judge a good example of interior design when he saw it, even in a short time. Have you ever wondered why these capabilities seem to come instinctively, even though we are not a professional interior designer?

Apparently, it all started in symmetry, or sense of balance, which is achieved in a space. Symmetrical design cues that are in effect our subconscious, even when the design is not obvious to rated beautiful when we first sight.

All of us are interested in a balanced picture. Why so?

feels familiar

The answer is simple, we are happy in the balance as close to us. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you imagine a line splitting into two right in the middle. Chances are, you will find parts of the body is symmetrical between the right and left.

Because balance is so familiar in our lives, then we make it easier for the brain to process. Interior symmetrical often seen as more calm and peaceful.
When you are designing the interior, and wanted a house as a place to unwind from the outside world, the balance is the key.

Balance, suitable for all forms of

When designing the interior, the balance not only have to refer to a point at its center. It can make you quickly feel bored. Conversely, good interior design can be achieved by several means to achieve symmetrical atmosphere, for example a round table in the dining room or ceramic pattern repetition.

easy to apply

Fortunately, by maintaining a symmetrical design, you do not need to be a professional interior designer to get a beautiful room. You only need to pay attention to the design center points, ie the object element that makes the eyes look directly to it, for example fireplace or cupboard. Elements of this object should be a heavy objects. After determining the center point, you can balance it with a matching sofa.

Suitable in various styles

Usually when someone came to interior designers, personal style into contention. Some people are happy with luxurious interior decoration, while others are consistently interested in more modern aesthetic. It may seem like the two camps are not going to find common ground, but when applying the basic design principles such as balance, needs both automatically fulfilled.

In fact, no room is complete without a symmetrical concentration. Can you describe a room where a sloping painting on the wall? Not mess?

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